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Complete Curriculum

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This title contains over 70 hours of classroom computer activities! Including 35+ creative projects! This site license purchase gives you unlimited printing and usage rights.

*Works with Google Docs/MS Office

Features the Instructor Book(90 pgs.), Student Book (45 pgs), worksheets and rubrics for each lesson.

Designed for grades 5-9 in mind, but can be easily adapted for most grades and classes. 

This classroom tested computer class curriculum is being incorporated in technology classrooms around the country.

The 35 lessons focus on Word, Powerpoint and Excel. Other lessons include the use of Skype in the classroom, Google Earth, NXT Robotics, IPod Apps, Pod-casting, Internet and more! Included in the CD site license is a Teacher book, a Student book,  a worksheet for each lesson, and a rubric for each lesson for easy grading. Or you could just grade the finished student work itself.

This is designed with the teacher in mind. The lessons contained in this book are perfect for middle school students. They will be engaged in the activity and learn by doing with simple instructions. 

This book is sold as an E Book. You will receive a cd/site license (PDF)and one printed teachers edition for each building license you purchase. The printed book is perfect for you to teach from. It is spiral bound, on the left you will see the student directions and on the right you'll see all of the teachers notes and tips. You will know what the students are going to ask you before their hands go up! There is also a notes section to write down any notes to yourself for next time you teach the lesson.

With your purchase of a site license you will have the rights to print as many copies of the student book, teachers book, rubrics and worksheets you desire. The site license gives you permission to use these materials as much as you want, forever.

TABLE of Contents:

     Chapter 1: Word Projects: 1. Using Word Art, 2. Old School Emoticons, 3.Quick Brown  
          Fox, 4.Formatting Challenge, 5.Simple table tools, 6. Ice Cream shop, 7.Golf Scorecard

     Chapter 2: PowerPoint Projects: 1. All About me, 2.How To, 3. Perfect Day, 4.Vacation
          Persuasive, 5.One Slide Phrase, 6. Future you, 7.IPod App.

     Chapter 3: Excel: 1. Getting to know Excel, 2.Pet Store, 3.Holiday Graph 1, 4. Holiday Graph 2,
          5.Park Budget, 6.Car Graph, 7. Comparative Graph

     Chapter 4: Internet/Design/Tools/Integrating 1. Web Quest, 2.Cut and paste, 3. Cut and Paste
          Photo , 4. ID Badge , 5.Cool internet sites, 6. Tear off Flyer, 7.Design a Logo

      Chapter 5: 1. PodCasting, 2.Skype 1, 3.Skype 3, 4. NXT Robotics (2 challenges), 5.Google
           Earth, 6. Advanced Google Search Game, 7. School Video project

This is a lot of material for any computer or technology class. Also, these lessons can be adapted to most core subject areas. This version of the Ebook contains all 5 chapters, all 35 lessons, 1 worksheet for each lesson and 1 rubric for each project. it has everything you need.

Full Version; Unlimited Use
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Price per building site license: $749 (fiscal year special-Purchase this curriculum and get the 2nd Edition/Advanced for no additional cost)

*Add the "Advanced Computer Curriculum" site license for only $200 (a $759 value)
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Student book only Site License
Middle School Computer Lessons
-Student book-

An alternative to buying a traditional text book, this ebook/site license gives you the rights to print copies as needed. Instead of purchasing text books for $50-$150 each for 25+ students, save money by getting a site license with full reproduction rights. Once you have the cd it is yours to use with no limit.

This gives you the rights to the student version of the book for your building. Includes the student directions only, does not include worksheets, rubrics or teacher instructions. However, it does include all 35 of the lessons from our full version.

Comes as a reproducible PDF on cd.

Product Code (SKU): 987-0-615-43997-6-ST
Price per building site license: $99
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