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Complete Curriculum Second Edition- An Advanced Computer Curriculum for Middle and School and High School students

This title contains 44 computer lessons. Each lesson is designed to be simple for teachers to use with their students, perfect for beginning or experienced teachers. These lessons will challenge any students from grades 5 all the way through 12.

Every lesson comes with a student instruction section that can either be printed and handed out or projected for the entire class to see. Also, each lesson comes with a one page lesson plan, a work sheet, an exit ticket (for formative assessment) and a grading rubric. (summative assessment)

The lessons are not step by step instructions, instead they are project based that lead students to learn by discovery where the teacher uses the lesson plan to act as a facilitator for the class. The projects are designed to be used with any version of MS Office, Google Docs or Apple software. 

Students set individual goals and work to achieve them with the assistance of their classmates and the teacher. When projects are completed students track their own progress and celebrate their success via worksheets and certificates within the book.

Included in the Advanced Curriculum:(length)
-5 Presentation Projects (up to 50 class periods)
-5 Word Processing Projects (up to 23 class periods)
-5 Spreadsheet Projects (up to 22 class periods)
-5 Google Tools Projects (up to 16 class periods)
-8 One Day Mini Lessons (up to 10 class periods)
-Robotics 16 Steps and 10 Challenges (up to 25 class periods)
      *requires NXT Robotic sets
This curriculum is sold as an ebook. With your purchase you receive one printed copy of the teachers edition that contains each student direction section, lesson plan, worksheet, exit ticket and rubric. Also you will receive one CD that contains all of the materials in PDF format. With your purchase you have unlimited rights to make as many copies that you wish for your building/class. The license is non transferable but will never expire, once it is purchased there are no additional re-licensing fees. *because of recent changes in google docs, these users will not be able to complete 3 of the word processing table projects

Table of Contents:
Presentation Projects: New Technology, Future tech, Class Introduction, Old School Technology, How-To Tech
      Word Processing: Tear-Off Flyer, Password Table, Pizza Shop, iFactory Project, App Research
Spreadsheets: Game Sales, Drink Multi Category Graph, Party Planning Budget, Bigfoot Expedition, Store Inventory
Google Tools: Intro to Forms, Forms 2, Earth Scavenger Hunt, Sketchup
Mini Lessons: Letter formatting 1, Emoticons 2, Logo Design, Google search tools, Fresh Tech mini presentation, Bike     Shop graph, Internet Scavenger Hunt 1, Internet Scavenger Hunt 2
NXT Robotics: 16 Step Guide/Class competition and 10 unique challenges

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